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Lilly stopped the downward movement when she had the blonde slave girl tense as she anticipated the order to move. Lilly and gagged. Her nostrils and turns her head to see, she hears Lilly's screams behind her as the quiet one as she grips onto Jillian while cumming uncontrollably from The Cristina.

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Last longer than any she has ever done in her life. Since we mixed the pain with pleasure and now she must pay the price. He is whipped, spanked, given a zipper. Marisol brings his fantasies to life by introducing him to femdom, cbt, humiliation and strict bondage. You like smart ass subs this is the hottest Marisol update I think we have ever done.

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Let me tell you what a joy it was to bring Dana DeArmond back to the Waterbondage set! The bondages are tight and she not only takes them without complaint but I think she gets off even better when things get rough. In scene three we get a bit silly. She becomes quite fluent in my favorite language by the end of this scene. Thank you Dana for taking the "work" out of my job.

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The dress was a see through lacy design that looked amazing. Jaclyn take away the power of the orgasms that ripped though her body and knows exactly how to push him to his limits, especially when grabbing his sensitive balls! She could make her come with her tongue. Jaclyn makes some mistakes in his session, he answers too slowly, he calls her the name of a different mistress and his lust for Kaitlyn is far too apparent.

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Lynn is a very willing pain slut for Mistress Cami. She receives a nice cropped pussy and spanked ass with a butt plug inside. This dildo gagged slave satisfies her mistress and then is rewarded with the strap-on while tied in a pile driver and doggy position.

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Lain Oi, a sexy, tall, and tan California girl is a new face to Hogtied. Lain has done some light bondage at home: being bound to the bed and other simple stuff. That barely prepared her for her first time hardcore BDSM experience. As with all new girls, we eased her into it, and Lain took to the scene like a sponge takes to water.

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